Breaking news: Mahienour and Moatasem acquitted

Lawyer Mahienour el-Massry and trade unionist Moatasem Medhat have been acquitted on appeal by a court in Alexandria, the FreeMahienour Facebook page reported on 13 January. The two had been convicted of breaking Egypt’s repressive anti-protest law, and breaching a law on public assembly imposed by the British colonial authorities in 1914, and sentenced to two years in jail. Three of their co-defendants in the same case did not attend court and so were tried in absentia, but can still appeal the judgement against them.

The case against Mahienour and Moatasem sparked an international protest campaign, with solidarity actions taking place in London, Leeds, Paris, Dublin and other cities.

Thanks to everyone who helped to mobilise support – now let’s fight for all those who remain unjustly imprisoned in Egypt.

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