Founding statement

Where is democracy?’

Egyptians have struggled courageously for their freedoms – now they ask if gains of the 2011 revolution are to be dismissed with a new wave of repression. Egypt Solidarity calls urgently for support of those under assault from a regime hostile to human rights and social justice.

Army leader Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has used the third anniversary of Egypt’s Tahrir uprising to attack activists who led nationwide protests against the dictatorship of President Mubarak. When demonstrators gathered in Cairo on 25 January 2014 to mark the 2011 events they were targeted by snipers and by riot police using teargas and live ammunition.

Health officials say that 64 people were killed, most as a result of gunshot wounds;1 participants believe that the figures are much higher and that in addition more than 1,000 demonstrators were arrested. Several lawyers who visited police stations to secure access to those detained were seized and imprisoned.

‘Repression and impunity’

New laws forbid public protest without permission of the authorities. Young activists associated with the movement of Tahrir Square are prominent among those now in prison for defending the right to public assembly and to freedom of expression. Amnesty International reports that “repression and impunity [of security forces] are the order of the day”.

In December 2013 peaceful activists opposing the government’s campaign to vote “Yes” in a contentious referendum on a new constitution were arrested in Cairo for displaying “No” posters. Human Rights Watch says: “Protecting the right to vote requires safeguarding the right to free expression… Egyptian citizens should be free to vote for or against the new constitution, not fear arrest for simply campaigning for a ‘no’ vote.”

Amnesty comments that current policies are “a charter for state-sanctioned repression and carte blanche for security force abuses”. In a detailed report on Egypt at the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution, the organisation concludes that such policies are “a betrayal of all the aspirations for bread, freedom and social justice”.

‘Fifth column’

In July 2013 al-Sisi used widespread popular anger against the Muslim Brotherhood to justify his seizure of power. Following removal of the elected president, Mohamed Mursi, the army and security forces massacred more than 1,000 of the Brotherhood’s supporters in attacks on their protest camps in Cairo and Giza. We recognise that the Brotherhood’s policies and earlier collusion with the security forces have been of great concern to many Egyptians: at the same time we affirm our condemnation of the military’s crimes.

Without evidence or investigation the Brotherhood has since been banned as a “terrorist” organisation. Thousands of its supporters have been jailed, while leading members have been presented with what Human Rights Watch calls “a laundry list of charges”. Some have meanwhile “disappeared”.

Secular activists not affiliated with the Brotherhood – and who have been among the latter’s most outspoken critics – are now also accused of “terrorism”, a practice familiar from the Mubarak era. The young revolutionaries of 2011, acclaimed worldwide for their principled opposition to Mubarak’s regime, have also been described as a “fifth column” and as “paid agents of enemy powers”.

Writer and activist Ahdaf Soueif says, “Three years on, Egyptians who want freedom are smeared and arrested. But there will be no stability without social justice.”

Under assault

Many democratic advances that followed the fall of President Mubarak are now in danger. All branches of the state apparatus are being used to quash dissent and to create a climate of fear:

  • university campuses, freed of security forces in 2011, have been invaded by riot police using live ammunition and birdshot against students;
  • academics who defend human rights have been charged with offences including terrorism and espionage;
  • workers exercising their rights to form independent unions and to challenge employers face intimidation and arrest;
  • human rights organisations have been attacked, their files stolen and their officers arrested;
  • media organisations which express independent views have been assaulted and closed, and their staff accused of terrorism.

Egypt Solidarity is an international initiative which endorses freedoms secured since the 25 January Revolution of 2011. We call on all those who agree with our principles and demands to work with us in building global solidarity for Egyptians under threat from the military regime.

We support:

  • the right to freedom of expression and of assembly, including public protest;
  • the right to freedom of association, including the right to form political parties and independent trade unions, and to establish NGOs;
  • the right to strike;
  • the right to live without fear of sexual violence;
  • freedom from religious or sectarian persecution;
  • freedom of the media;
  • free elections;
  • fair trials.

We call for:

  • immediate and unconditional release of those imprisoned for exercising rights to freedom of expression and of assembly;
  • repeal of Law 107 of 2013, restricting rights to public assembly;
  • independent investigation into state violence and criminality, including assaults on those exercising any of the rights and freedoms above;
  • an immediate end to trials of civilians in military and State Security courts.

We call on our governments to suspend all financial, military or other support to the Egyptian authorities that may be used to violate the rights of Egyptian citizens. In particular we demand immediate cessation of all sales and transfers to the Egyptian government of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, cyber-surveillance technology and other materials for use against those who exercise their right to protest.

11 February 2014

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  • Dr Maha Abdel-Rahman, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Prof Gilbert, Achcar, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK
  • Prof. Engin Deniz Akarli, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Brown University & Professor of History, Istanbul Sehir University
  • Anne Alexander, MENA Solidarity Network, UK
  • Prof Talal Asad, City University of New York, USA
  • Hüseyin Aydin, political secretary of Industrial Trade Union of Metal Workers (Germany)
  • Jim Barbour, Vice President, Fire Brigades Union, UK
  • Chris Baugh, Assistant General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), UK
  • Prof Asef Bayat, University of Illinois, USA
  • Prof Joel Beinin, Stanford University, CA, USA
  • Olivier Besancenot, former presidential candidate, member of the National Executive of NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste), France
  • Sue Bond, Vice-President, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), UK
  • Prof Bill Bowring, Birkbeck, University of London, (President, European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights)
  • Richard Boyd Barrett, TD, People before Profit, Ireland
  • Prof Jason, Brownlee, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Christine Buchholz, MP, German parliament
  • Prof Ray Bush, University of Leeds, UK
  • Dr John Chalcraft, London School of Economics, UK
  • Katy Clark, MP, UK
  • Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Director, Jubilee Debt Campaign, UK
  • Mary Compton, Past President, National Union of Teachers (NUT) and editor,, UK
  • Petros Constantinou, elected councillor, Municipal Council of Athens, national coordinator of the antifascist movement KEERFA
  • Bob Crow, General Secretary, Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), UK
  • Nick Dearden, Director, World Development Movement
  • Prof Ellis Goldberg, University of Washington, USA
  • Dr Adam Hanieh, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK
  • Richard, Harvey, QC, UK
  • Ian Hodson, National President, Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union, UK
  • Inge Höger, MP, German parliament
  • Sally Hunt, General Secretary, University and College Union (UCU), UK
  • Panagiotis Kalfayannis, President, POSPERT (Federation of trade unions in the state broadcaster, ERT)
  • Prof Erol Katircioglu, Marmara University, Istanbul
  • Asst. Prof Ebru Kayaalp, Istanbul Sehir University,Turkey
  • Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary, Unite the Union, Ireland
  • Prof Ferhat Kentel, Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey
  • Prof Laleh Khalili, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK
  • Assoc. Prof. Abdülhamit Kirmizi, Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey
  • Alain Krivine, former member of the European Parliament, member of the National Committee of NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste), France
  • Dr Elizabeth Lawrence, President-Elect, UCU, UK
  • Prof Zachary  Lockman, New York University, USA
  • Jane Loftus, President, Communication Workers Union (CWU), UK
  • Ivesa Lübben, Research fellow, Centre of Near- and Middle East studies, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Prof Philip Marfleet, University of East London, UK
  • Eamonn McCann, National Executive Committee, National Union of Journalists (UK & Ireland)
  • John McDonnell, MP, UK Parliament
  • Ryan McKinney, Assistant Secretary, Northern Ireland Public Sector Alliance (NIPSA), UK (personal capacity)
  • Prof Timothy Mitchell, Columbia University, NYC, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Rachid Ouaissa, Director of Centre of Near- and Middle East studies, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Prokopis Papastratis, Professor of History, Pandeion University in Athens
  • Wonsuk Park, Member of the National Assembly for the Justice Party, Korea
  • Christine Poupin, Porte-voice, NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste), France
  • Philippe Poutou, former presidential candidate, member of the National Executive of NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste), France
  • Dr Nicola Pratt, Warwick University, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Ruf, Professor emeritus for International Relations and Foreign Policy, University of Kassel, Germany
  • Asst. Prof. Irvin C.  Schick, Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey
  • Seung-chul Shin, President, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Korea
  • Prof Joshua  Stacher, Kent State University, USA
  • Andonis Stamatopoulos, president, SELMA (trade union of Athens Metro workers)
  • Asst. Prof. Asli Telli Aydemir, Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey
  • Assoc. Prof. Tolga Tüzün, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ufuk Uras, former MP for Istanbul, Turkey
  • Roseline Vachetta, former presidential candidate, member of the National Executive of NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste), France

And the following signatories (last updated  25 March 2014). Add your name here

Brid Smith People Before Profit Candidate for Dublin MEP Ireland
Kieran Allen UCD Senior Lecturer in Sociology Ireland
Goretti Horgan UCU President of UCU at University of Ulster UK
Marnie Holborrow Dublin City University Lecturer in Intercultural Studies Ireland
John Molyneux Irish Marxist Review Editor Ireland
Brian Kelly Queens University Belfast Lecturer UK
Eileen Webster NIPSA Branch 734 / Derry Anti War Coalition Chair UK
Amr Kotb
Kathy Wazana Filmmaker Canada
Sally Kincaid NUT Divisional secretary Wakefield & District UK
Mark Campbell UCU National Executive Committee UK
Mehmet Aliosmanoğlu Türkiye
Melis Hafez Virginia Commonwealth University Assistant Professor
Ayşe Aktaş İHH İnsani Yardım Vakfı İnsani ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Merkezi Türkiye
Abdurrahman Nur
Mahmud Erturk Medresetu’l Mahmudiyye Manager Turkey
Ashraf Hussein Egypt
Zülfikar Kürüm İstanbul Şehir University Institutional Law Turkiye
Frank Renken Die Linke Germany
Dirk Spöri DIE LINKE Landessprecher Baden-Württemberg Germany
sevda altuğ student Turkey
Fatma KIZIL Yalova University Asst. Prof. Turkey
Harald Etzbach Journalist/Translator Germany
Jack Shenker UK
Mahmut Zeki Erbay Yildiz Technical University Lecturer Turkey
Eike Welk Germany
Sasha Simic USDAW Shop Steward C133 branch UK
John Percival Unite P/S Branch UK
Sasha Simic USDAW Shop Steward C133 branch UK
Shakeel Shaheen Lecturer India
Reinhard Stranz Germany
Reinhard Osmers Germany
Faline Bobier Canada
Sandra Turner Unite UK
Andy Coles UCU UK
Reinhold Waber Lawyer Germany
Clare Fermont Unite Steward South Africa
Mayar Sabri Egypt
Ian Crosson UCU- Tower Hamlets college Membership secretary, Poplar branch UK
Graham Chadwick France
Vincent Bruand SNES-FSU France
Rafik Khalfaoui Jurist, militant human and social rights Belgium
Nick Grant National Union of Teachers National Executive Ctte UK
Alice Mennie UK
Tony Harper SWP England
Vaia Patta Student UK
Michael Fairclough UK
Drew McEwan Scotland
Colin Barker UK
Alan Haggard USA
Prof Gavin Edwards University of South Wales Emeritus Professor of English Wales, UK
Adnan Yildrim GEW mdKreistag Deutschland
Charlie Kimber SWP National secretary UK
Evan Johnston CUPE Local 3906 Vice President Canada
Tom Mycock Unite / International Socialist Network UK
John Sinha Occupy UK
Mel Bienenfeld NY State United Teachers USA
Peter Hill Oxford Left Review Associate Editor England
Richard Mcewan UCU National executive and learning rep UK
Maria Styllou Socialism from Below review Editor Greece
Philippe Guyou NPA France
Jack Robertson NUJ UK
Steve Campbell Unison UK
Rebecca Anshell Song USA
Ian McMahan City University of New York Professor Emeritus USA
Valerie Lannon Canada
Arthur Dorland USA
John Greyson YUFA Professor Canada
Venancio Andreu Spain
Tim McCaskell Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Canada
Sam Robson En Lucha (Madrid) Branch Sec Spain
Neil Davidson School of Political and Social Sciences, University of Glasgow UK
Dianne Varga BCGEU Canada
Leeroy Moxam UK
Kevin Brice International Socialists Canada
Ron Strand Canada
Peter Hendy UK
Antony Hamilton Socialist Workers Party National student organiser UK
Carolyn Egan Steelworkers’ Toronto Area Council President Canada
Graham Mustin UCU Branch Secretary UK
Tomáš Tengely-Evans National Union of Journalists (UK) and National Union of Students (UK) UK
Fred Lindop UK
Chris Newlove UK
POPA Luminita Partidul Social Democrat membru Romania
Kambiz Boomla BMA UK
Noha Momtaz Arafa, Esq.
Jafar Ramini UK
Sean Cumming
Ghayath Niasse The Left Revolutionary Current in Syria Syria
Yara Tlass UK
Joseph Daher Revolutionary Left Current in Syria Syria
Søren Goard Goldsmiths Students’ Union Education Officer UK
Helmut Weiss LabourNet Germany Staff Germany
Zoe Lawlor Unite Ireland
Chon Kai Choo Socialist Party of Malaysia Central Committee Member Malaysia
Julia O’Connor UCU UK
Saeid Golkar Northwestern University Adjunct Assistant Professor USA
Sean Wallis UCU UCL UCU President, UCU London Region (HE) Secretary, UCU NEC UK
Carl Finamore Local 1781, IAMAW, AFL-CIO Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO USA
Canan Şahin Turkey
Mauro Saccol University of Genoa PhD candidate Democracy and Human Rights Italy
Hakkı Taş Ipek University Assistant Professor Turkey
David Wearing School of Oriental and African Studies, London PhD Researcher UK
Karen Reissmann Unison NEC (personal capacity) UK
Antony Schofield Unison England
Katrina Mayer GMB UK
Pooben Naidoo ANC Member South Africa
Josselyn Claudio US
François Pradal Comité de solidarité avec la lutte du peuple Égyptien France
Anne-sophie Yassein France
Gregory Butterfield NOLSW – UAW Local 2320 USA
Monika Young Germany
Dixmier Victor France
Tim Goulet Pipefitters local 274/ISO Journeyman USA
Lincoln Fisher USA
Marie Clegg International Socialists UK
Chris Kaihatsu (affiliation only) USA
Denis Lemelin Canadian Union of Postal Workers National President Canada
Pauline Scutt UK
Peter Leyden Retired Wales
Alex Callinicos Socialist Workers Party UK
Jeannie Graham . Canada
Thomas Weyts LCR-SAP spokesperson Belgium
Skye Bougsty-marshall USA
Tycho Sierra Okan University Lecturer Turkey
Giles Ji Ungpakorn UNISON shop steward UK
Sheila McGregor NUT School representative UK
Pam Wortley Unite UK
John Walker Ruskin UCU Chair (personal capacity) UK
Gaelle Fouere
Martin Upchurch Professor of International Employment Relations, Middlesex University, London UK
Arthur Good Unite, RS21, KIS Treasurer UK
Tim Nicholls Dorset Socialists Convenor UK
Naomi Farmer National Union of Students National Queer Officer Australia
Vey Martine France
Helen Lewarne UK
Sue Ellery UK
Xanthe Whittaker UCU UK
Savas Michael-Matsas Workers Revolutionary Party(EEK) Greece General Secretary Greece
Harry Feldman Australia
Adam Cochrane Law society UK
Olivier Ratle University of the West of England Senior Lecturer UK
Jacek Szymanski UK
Alex Claxton-Mayer UK
Peter Robinson Unite UK
James O’Nions Red Pepper magazine Co-editor UK
Zak Cochrane UK
Owen Holland Cambridge UCU UK
Bob Mouncer Unite Community Branch, Hull UK
Eva Millette Coombs USA
Patricia Campbell
Norma Buddle NUT
Sarah Robertson Unite UK
Tim Parkin Unison Shop steward UK
Emma Wiseman
Bethan Turner UK
Reg Lee UK
James Cavalluzzo Ruskin College, Oxford Canada/UK
Khaled Sobhy USA
Khaled Fahmy American University in Cairo Professor Egypt
Linda Papaforti USA
salma alsaady Egypt
Jennifer Leow BECTU UK
Alfons Ebing Netherlands
Julian Wilson UK
David Merrick Unison retired UK
Sanimir Sekulic PLS Denmark
Sarah Cox NUT (retired member) UK
Leandros Fischer Germany
Daniel Anton Die Linke, Freiburg Germany
Jenny Jobbins Author UK
Anne Alexander
Gareth Jenkins UCU UK
Leif Wolters Die Linke Germany
Mark Arnold UK
Elizabeth Bishop Assistant Professor USA
Derek Kassem UCU UK
Dr Daniele Salvoldi Independent Researcher, University of Pisa Alumnus Italy
Amanda Sebestyen NUJ UK
Steve Philbey IWW foot soldier UK
Farrah Hawana IHEID doctoral candidate
Sven Wunderlich
Teresa Mohamed UK
Tony Phillips Unison LFEPA Branch Secretary UK
Ibrahim Alsahary Journalist Egypt
Michael Mitzig Germany
Paul Grasse Left Party Germany
Robert Atkins UK
Doug Seidman USA
Jeremy Till University of the Arts London Head of Central Saint Martins UK
Hossam Bahgat Egypt
Johanna Schmitz Germany
Sylvie Nony France
Stephen Baker UCU Northern Ireland
Nadia Kamel Filmmaker Egypt
Atef Said University of Illinois at Chicago Visiting Scholar Egypt-USA
Ehab AbdelAzim Egypt
Tom Machell Prospect CMD Sector Executive (PC) UK
Mona Baker University of Manchester Professor UK
Alexander Schroeder Die Linke member Germany
Rudolf Tillig ver.di and SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany delegate Germany
Ali S. Ahmed Egypt
Nubar Hovsepian Chapman University Associate Professor USA
Brian Richardson Unite UK
Said Samir Online Publisher Germany
Chris Kaihatsu (affiliation only) U.S.
Susan Blackwell University and College Union UK
Robert Atkins UK
Hannah Morcos
Rumyana Slavova M.D. Bulgaria
Tim Nelson IS Network Secretary UK
Stephen Brown UK
Yvon Arendsen Netherlands
Indu Vashist South Asian Visual Arts Centre Executive Director Canada
Ian Allinson UNITE Executive Council member UK
Tony Phillips UNISON London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Branch Secretary UK
Mark Porciani Unite The Union – Community Branch, Glasgow Scotland
Jenny Sutton UCU Branch Chair, Vice-chair London Region FE UK
Sungur Savran Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP) President Turkey
Lucia Sorbera The University of Sydney Lecturer Australia
Vivienne Matthies-Boon University of Amsterdam Political Science Netherlands
Brecht De Smet Ghent University Post-doc researcher Belgium
Melanie Richter-Montpetit York University, CUPE 3903 Canada
Annika Bergman Rosamond Senior Lecturer Sweden
Dave Roberts Unison Shop Steward United Kingdom
Cecile Harnie Belgium
Melanie Simms UCU UK
Mary Ellen Davis Filmmaker and Instructor Canada
Noha Radwan
Joan Craig Scotland
Ian Stone NUS England
Nadje Al-Ali UCU SOAS President UK
Frances Cetti United Kingdom
Gabi Bieberstein Attac Germany Member of the Board Germany
Fatima Said British Egyptians for Democracy (BE4D) Spokesperson UK
John Baker UK
Onur Üçbaş DSİP Turkey
Sandra Turner Unite UK
Nazmiye çimen DSİP türkiye
Canan Şahin Turkey
James Eaden Chesterfield & District Trades Union Council President UK
Simon Assaf SWP UK
Nick Evans UCU UK
reka punkosti UK
Alexis Wearmouth SOAS UCU UK
Fatma Mabrouk Egypt
Paul Holborow UCU UK
Önder Sönmez Belgium
Janet Portman UNISON England
Roger Annis Writer and retired IAM member Canada
Gabriela Torres Retired Argentine
Volkhard Mosler Mosler Die Linke Germany
M Treen Unite National Director New Zealand
Chris Ayton NUT UK
Sara O’Rourke Socialist Workers Party Ireland
Rosalind Atkinson Aotearoa New Zealand
Maggie Falshaw UNISON healthcare England
Amy Gilligan NUS NEC UK
Arianna Tassinari Nus NEC UK
Edmund Schluessel NUS National Executive Council United Kingdom
James McAsh NUS National Executive UK
Sky Yartlett NUS LGBT officer UK
Judith Kellogg New Zealand
Audrey van Ryn New Zealand
Maurice Ward Lincoln University Education Designer New Zealand
Valerie Morgan lawyer United Kingdom
Aindriu Macfehin World Full Communism Comrade Aotearoa
Maire Leadbeater New Zealand
Sian Robertson New Zealand
Rafaela Apel Germany
Ian Ritchie New Zealand
Chris Sullivan Catholic Church Deacon New Zealand
Hugh Lusk Aotearoa New Zealand
Faiz Ahmed Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903 Chairperson Canada
Reihana Robinson Aotearoa New Zealand
Liz Davies Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers Chair UK
Paula Al Amudi New Zealand
Martha Jean Baker UK
Volkhard Mosler Volkhard Mosler Die LINKE Deutschland
Einde O’Callaghan DIE LINKE Chemnitz Germany
Raymond Deane Ireland
Christian Schröppel ver.di Germany
Jackie Applebee UNITE MPU and BMA Chair Tower Hamlets BMA UK
Robert Brenchley Left Unity UK
Nan Stubbings Unemployed UK
Elvira Isenring Artist Switzerland
Nadim Keith Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Mediterranean World Assistant Editor France
Penny Gower EIS President EIS-FELA and Branch Secretary of Edinburgh College of FE Scotland, UK
Billie Walker UK
Andrew Drummond UCU United Kingdom
Jon Woods Portsmouth City UNISON branch chair UK
Rhys Williams Britain
Paul Packham Unite Branch Secretary UK
Kambiz Boomla BMA UK
Anna Livingstone MPU/UNITE UK
Rebecca Townesend UNISON UK
David Collett UCU England
Paul Smyth ASU personal capacity australia
Steve Hedley RMT assistant general secretary UK
Kevin Courtney NUT deputy general secretary UK
Ian Bradley Unite London Construction branch treasurer UK
Ken Muller NUT Assistant Sec, Islington NUT UK
Mark Dunk Unite UK
Roddy Slorach UCU Disabled members’ standing committee UK
Simon Hester Prospect Prospect London rep, HSE UK
Steve Hammill NUM UK
Shaun Doherty NUT UK
John Eccles TSSA UK
Becky Townesend Unison UK
Mark Baxendale UCU UK
Andy Coles UCU, Manchester UK
Lene Junker Denmark