More detainees join hunger strike over April 25 sentences

starving_for_justiceAnother 11 prisoners have joined the hunger strike by detainees arrested and jailed over the April 25 protests in Egypt, according to prisoner solidarity group, Freedom for the Brave. Ten detainees began a hunger strike on 18 May, and were joined by 11 more on 21 May.

They are protesting the long jail sentences handed down to over 100 detainees following mass arrests in the run-up to protests on 25 April over the transfer of Tiran and Sanafir Islands to Saudi Arabia.

Joined the hunger strike on 18 May

  • Nagy Kamel Abdelmaged
  • Mohamed Naji Abdelmaqsood
  • Mahmoud Sami
  • Ahmad Ouaiss
  • Mohamed Abdelwahed
  • Islam Talaat
  • Hisham Adli
  • Raymond Adli
  • Hassan Saad Hassan
  • Mohamed Abdelrazzaq

Mohamed Abdelwahed, Mohamed Abdelrazzaq and Raymond Adli were transferred on 21 May evening from Giza central prison to Sheikh Zayed public hospital after deteriorating health.

The following have announced they were joining the hunger strike on Saturday 21 May

  • Hamza Mohamed Taha
  • Alaa’ Abdelaal
  • Mahmoud Ezzat
  • Rani Adli
  • Ahmed Al Issaoui
  • Ashraf Al Shazli
  • Ahmed Abdelnabi
  • Islam Shaaban
  • Ahmed Mohamed Al Sayyed
  • Mohamed Al Hadidi
  • Mahmoud Haidar Mohamed

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