Egypt’s April 25 detainees begin hunger strike

Freedom for Mohamed Nagy via AFTEDozens of prisoners sentenced to five year jail terms in the latest crackdown of protest in Egypt announced a hunger strike beginning evening 18 May. They include Mohamed Nagy, a human rights researcher and graduate student who is coordinator of research into violations of students’ rights for the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, an important Egyptian human rights NGO. 

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Declaration of hunger strike – 18 May 2016

We, the detainees of 25th of April, whom have been sentenced to 5 years in prison for the Dokki and Agouza [protests against selling Tiran and Sanafir islands to KSA], announce that we have started an open-ended full hunger strike in protest to the unjust and oppressive sentence that has been passed against us, while ignoring the simplest definitions of justice.
We begin our strike starting Wednesday the 18th of May 2016 at 10:00 PM (CLT); 23 days after our arrest and detention for charges without any evidence.

Forty seven young men, including the only provider for his family, and others expecting children that would effectively be labeled as an orphan for 5 years due to injustice. Forty seven young men including engineers, doctors, students and laborers living on per-day salaries. Dreams shattered and futures turn to oblivion, solely for suspicion that is unsubstantiated by evidence or true charges: “and we love life should we ever find a path to one”

We love life, and that’s exactly what pushed us towards this step since we found no other path to it. We enter our hunger-strike in defense of our dreams and future and the days of our lives drained by prison without any justification

Signed below are the 47 detainees who have agreed on a full, open-ended hunger strike in a progressive form; Started first by those whose names are state below and others will follow suit.

To our families and loved-ones: You give us the power and strength to carry on with your support, so please continue you support till we’re beside you again

1- Nagy Kamel Abd El Meguid
2- Mohamed Nagy Abd El Maksoud
3- Mahmoud Samy
4- Ahmed Owaise
5- Mohamed Abd El Wahed
6- Islam Talaat
7- Hisham Adly
8- Remon Adel
9- Hassan Saad Hassan
10- Mohamed Abd El Razek
Others shall follow subsequently

The 47 25th of April, Dokki and Giza cases detainees