Argentinian activists launch drive for solidarity with #Egyprisoners

11698820_853614411384654_1855158932771076311_nActivists from Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) in Argentina launched a drive for solidarity with #Egyprisoners last week. On Tuesday June 23, Lucas Malaspina and Christian Armenteros, leaders of the TPR handed in copies of the Egypt Solidarity Initiative statement in solidarity with political prisoners and against death sentences to the Egyptian Embassy in Buenos Aires. Lucas Malaspina told Egypt Solidarity:

“Our protest raised the demands we first made in 2014 against the military dictatorship of Al-Sisi for the release of political prisoners in that country. We gave the documentation to the first and second secretary of the Embassy, we were met and agreed to submit it to the government to respond”

TPR activists also published the statements on their website and have launched a campaign to gather signatures from activists on the Left in Argentina on the statement against executions in Egypt, beginning with well-known Marxist historian Horacio Tarcus of the University of Buenos Aires.

What you can do:

  • Read and share the Spanish translation of the statement against executions here.