Solidarity actions planned in UK, Canada and USA on 20-21 June

egyprisoners_leaflet_frontActivists in London, Ottowa, Montreal and New York are planning protests on 20-21 June as part of international days of action in solidarity with political prisoners in Egypt. Here’s what you can do to get involved on the day and afterwards to build the campaign.

Stop repression of protests – Free political prisoners – No more disappearances – Fair trials for all – End abuse and torture – No executions

Before 20 June

  • We need help to publicise the events which are taking place in London, Ottowa, Montreal, and New York. Please share on social media, invite your friends, send an email to work colleagues and friends, circulate to trade union and activist mailing lists.
  • Contact trade union leaders, prominent activists, journalists, MPs and other public figures in your country and ask them to make a statement on their website or official social media account in solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners to be released on 20-21 June. Any statements should be tweeted to @Egy_Solidarity and shared on our Facebook page so that we can pass on the message.
  • Contact journalists with a press release about local support for the international days of action, or organise a collective letter to a major newspaper to be printed on 20-21 June
  • Contact human rights and media freedom campaigns, trade unions and student unions to ask them to support and publicise the solidarity actions on 20-21 June. Ask them to share details of the event on their websites and social media channels.

Resources to help your campaign

  • Campaign leaflet for the UK solidarity action here. You can adapt these to reflect local circumstances.
  • Placards for protests and stalls [Facebook photoalbum]
  • Background information about some of the detainees whose cases we are highlighting will be published on our website regularly over the next two weeks. [Google doc] [Facebook photoalbum]
  • Posters against disappearances [Facebook photoalbum]

On 20-21 June

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