Model resolution: Justice for the victims of military repression in Egypt

Justice for the victims of military repression in Egypt

Model resolution

  • This union / organisation notes with concern the mounting evidence from human rights organisations documenting the Egyptian authorities’ responsibility for grave crimes against Egyptian citizens during the period since the military seizure of power on 3 July 2013. These include the mass killings of protesters, such as the massacre at Raba’a al-Adawiyya on 14 August 2013, which Human Rights Watch has described as “one of the world’s largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history”. They also include the use of arbitrary detention without charge, torture of detainees, hundreds of death sentences, the prosecution of protesters for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and the harassment and detention of trade unionists for exercising their right to strike.
  • This union / organisation resolves:
    • To write to the Egyptian authorities via the Egyptian embassy in London condemning these violations of human rights and calling for the prosecution of those responsible.
    • To call on the British government to cease, with immediate effect, the export of any arms, materials or technologies which could be used by the Egyptian regime for repression.
    • To work with Egypt Solidarity Initiative and MENA Solidarity to publicise their campaigns against repression in Egypt to our membership and the wider public by [choose actions as appropriate]
      • Making a donation towards campaign expenses of £___ via MENA Solidarity
      • Inviting a speaker to our next meeting
      • Circulating information about the campaign to our members
      • Publicising the campaign via our website and social media channels
      • Organising a solidarity statement or protest in co-ordination with the campaign
      • To send this resolution to our regional committee / national conference

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