Mahienour’s sentence reduced on appeal, but other trials postponed

Mahienour el-Masry’s appeal against a two-year jail sentence for breaking the protest law saw her jail term reduced to six months. In statement released through her lawyer after the verdict was announced on 20 July, Mahienour condemned the judgement as “invalid”

The sentence is purely political and was arrived at under pressure, because if the court saw me as innocent, they would have declared me so. But the judicial authority is still corrupt and sentenced me to 6 months of imprisonment whilst the rest of those detained in my same case are sentenced to 2 years, though our legal status is exactly the same.

She still faces another trial in a separate case, where lawyers and activists have been charged with storming Ramle police station in Alexandria in March 2013, after they were attacked by the police. Mahienour, Yousef Shaaban and Louay al-Qahwagi and other activists will now stand trial on 13 October.

Meanwhile, the retrial of Alaa Abdel-Fattah and others given fifteen year jail sentences in June for breaking the anti-protest law was postponed until 6 August.

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