Vigil: Justice for Giulio Regeni, Freedom for Alaa and all Egypt’s political prisoners

25th January is a symbolic day in Egypt’s calendar.  

On that day in 2011, the Egyptian revolution or Arab Spring began.   Alaa Abdelfattah is an icon of that revolution.  Because of his outspoken support for political change, he has been in prison for most of the past decade.  You have probably heard of him as his name became prominent during COP27 in Egypt.  He has both Egyptian and British nationality.  Despite the wealth of public support for him, Alaa remains in prison in Egypt.  We are demanding freedom for Alaa.

It was on 25th January in 2016 that Giulio Regeni, an Italian student studying at Cambridge University, disappeared from the streets of Cairo whilst undertaking research.  His mutilated body was found nine days later.  There is strong evidence that he was tortured and murdered by the Egyptian security services.  But after all these years, no one has been brought to account for Giulio’s murder.  We are still demanding justice for Giulio.

Amnesty International invites you to a vigil calling for   
Justice for Guilio Regeni and Freedom for Alaa Abdelfattah

on Wednesday 25th January 12-2pm 

outside the Egyptian embassy,  26 South St, London W1K 1DW

The situation of these two men is emblematic of many thousands suffering from Egypt’s systematic human rights abuses.