Urgent action toolkit: Release Hisham Fouad

Journalist Hisham Fouad has been detained for over two years since being arrested on 25 June 2019. Although the legal limit for ‘pre-trial’ detention in Egypt has now expired he remains in jail, incarcerated in a windowless cell without proper access to medical treatment. Along with former MP Zyad el-Elaimy and journalist Hossam Moanis and at least 15 other individuals in the same case (State Security case 930/2019) he is being arbitrarily detained for his peaceful political activities. Hisham is a well-known activist and advocate for labour rights. He has also played a key role in Palestine solidarity campaigns.

Background: Read Amnesty International’s Urgent Action calling for Hisham’s release in 2019 here

Hisham’s lawyers report that rather than releasing him, the Egyptian authorities are preparing a new case with the aim of extending his detention even further. 

Hisham announced a hunger strike on 10 July. After two years detention in the inhuman conditions at Tora Prison, his health is in grave danger. UPDATE 29 July – Hisham has now ended his hunger strike. At least two other political prisoners, Ahmed Samir Santawy and Ola al-Qaradawi remain on hunger strike.

Take action now to demand Hisham’s immediate release and an end to the Egyptian authorities’ persecution of political critics, journalists, human rights activists and researchers. 

  1. Sign the petition on Change.org and promote widely: http://www.change.org/releasehishamfouad
  2. Tweet this or share on Facebook: Journalist Hisham Fouad is locked in a windowless cell in Egypt for his peaceful political campaigning. After 2 years without charge or trial @alsisiofficial and @mfaegypt must release him now. #EgyptSolidarity http://www.change.org/releasehishamfouad
  3. Share the campaign graphic above on WhatsApp and Instagram with the petition link http://www.change.org/releasehishamfouad 
  4. Write a letter of protest to the Egyptian embassy in your country calling for Hisham’s immediate release. NB several email addresses previously used by the Egyptian embassy in London are currently bouncing. Try egtamboff@gmail.com instead. Also send copies to p.spokesman@op.gov.eg (FAO the President Abdelfattah el-Sisi) and center@iscmi.gov.eg or E.HumanRightsSector@moi.gov.eg). Please also consider printing and posting a physical letter – it may be slower but is more likely to get there!

Got more time? Help us build this campaign! 

Hisham is counting on us. In a statement announcing his hunger strike on 10 July he said: 

“Since strength is in unity I am sure that I will not be able to achieve any demands without uniting all those who stand in solidarity with the forces of life in society and with freedom-loving people around the world.” 

  1. Pass a resolution in your union branch calling for Hisham’s release
  2. Ask your union’s elected officers to sign and circulate the petition and campaign materials to members and on official social media channels
  3. Write to your member of parliament asking them to contact the Egyptian ambassador. See here for an example from Hastings Trade Union Council in Britain