Patrick Zaki: Hundreds of thousands back campaign for Italian citizenship – plus Egyptian trade unionist released

Image credit: Patrick Libero via Facebook

In Italy, the solidarity campaign with Patrick Zaki, a graduate student at University of Bologna, a human rights activist and a socialist has drawn huge support from the Italian public. The Italian senate decided to grant Zaki hnorary citizenship: 204 members voted in favour out of 241 present members with no objection to the decision. This came after more than 200,000 Italians signed a petition demanding Zaki’s freedom and granting him Italian citizenship in support. More than 50 Italian cities also decided to grant citizenship to Zaki. 

Activists in Egypt told Egypt Solidarity Initiative that trade unionist Khalil Rizk, whose case we highlighted earlier this year has now been released from prison.

The Egyptian regime launched a brutal crackdown on opposition forces including the Muslim Brotherhood and human rights, trade union activists following a coup in 2013. Currently more than 60,000 political prisoners are held in jail and detention accused of false accusations such as “being a member of a terrorist organisation” and “spreading lies”. Among those who are still detained are a socialist activist and lawyers Haitham Mohamedain and Mahienour El Masri, journalist Hisham Fouad, and publisher Ayman Abdel-Moati. 

What you can do:

  • Go here for more background on the continuing campaign for Haitham, Mahienour, Hisham and Ayman
  • Come to our meeting on 8 June which will highlight the role played by lawers such as Haitham and Mahienour in the 2011 revolution and the ongoing struggle for justice