Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 12 now out!

Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 12

available from October 2019

Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to order from Bookmarks bookshop for £3 or can be downloaded as a [ME_Solidarity_issue_12_FINALWEB] Contact Bookmarks if you would like to make a bulk order for your trade union branch (discounts available). Screenshot 2019-10-20 at 21.59.40

Cover story

Outsourcing Fortress Europe: Sounding the Alarm for Solidarity

Thom Tyerman and Kashef recount the work of Alarm Phone, a project which helps save lives of migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Libyan ‘coastguards’ who smuggle people

Julie Henri investigates how EU policies have benefitted Libyan pirates and people-smugglers.

Rebranding Sudan’s brutal militia

The Rapid Support Forces played a key role in the genocide in Darfur. Marwa Jalal analyses how the outsourcing of Europe’s border regime empowered them.


Is Algeria on the road to a second republic?

Ten months into the uprising, Samir Larabi assesses the balance of forces between the people and the state.

‘They take our flags: that’s why we continue to march’

Sheila Amrouche interviews Algerian teacher activist Henia Sadi about the struggle for justice.

Sowing the seeds of hunger in Iraq

How US agribusinesses reaped the rewards of occupation and war: Olivia Palmer investigates.

First person

‘The regime interfered in every aspect of life at university’

Dr Iman Hamza reports from the campuses in Sudan.


Syrian refugees face disaster as Turkey prepares for war

Erdogan’s plans to create “safe zone” in northern Syria aim to destroy Kurdish autonomy.

Last stand of the Syrian rebellion?
The Assad regime’s brutal assault on Idlib and Hama will not be forgotten.

News reports

  • Sudan’s new government courts Gulf support

  • Thousands jailed in Egypt after street protests over corruption

Campaign reports

  • Solidarity with Algerian political prisoners

  • DSEI arms fair’s “death market” challenged

Campaign guide

No more campus collusion with al-Sisi’s regime

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What is driving Iraq protests?