Stop the generals’ execution spree

Islam al-Makkawi -Picture via FJP website

Political prisoners in Egypt who have been condemned to death in unfair trials are at increasing risk of execution, human rights groups are warning. The military regime put nine young men to death on 20 February bringing the numbers killed in what Amnesty International has called a “bloody execution spree” this year to 15.

“The international community must not stay silent,” said Najia Bounaim, Amnesty International’s North Africa Campaigns Director. “Egypt’s allies must take a clear stand by publicly condemning the authorities’ use of the death penalty, the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.” The nine were executed after unfair trials, and several of those convicted said that they had been tortured into making false confessions of guilt in connection with the assassination of the Egyptian Prosecutor General in a car bomb attack in 2015. Islam al-Makkawi (24), Abu-Bakr al-Sayyid Abd-al-Magid (23), Mahmoud al-Ahmadi (23), Abd-al-Rahman Sulaiman Kahousk (27), Ahmad Haitham al-Hegazi (25), Ahmad Mahrous Sayyid (27), Abu-al-Qassim Ahmad Ali (25), Ahmad Gamal Hegazi (24), Ahmad Taha Wahdan (30) were mainly students, with the exception of Wahdan, a civil engineer.

Hundreds of other Egyptians remain on death row facing execution after similar experiences of torture and sham trials.

What you can do:

  • Send a letter of protest to the Egyptian embassy demanding a halt to further executions
  • Go to here for more resources and background information