Events: Campaigners renew call for truth for Giulio and justice for Egypt’s disappeared

Three years ago, on 25 January 2016, Cambridge PhD student Giulio Regeni disappeared in Cairo while conducting fieldwork on the Egyptian independent trade unions. A few days later, his mutilated body was discovered, bearing the hallmarks of the kinds of abuse which is systematically carried by the Egyptian security services. Despite a long-running campaign led by Giulio’s parents and Amnesty International, which has been supported throughout by UCU, no-one has yet been brought to justice for his murder, nor have any of the thousands of Egyptians who have suffered torture during periods of forced disappearance by the security forces seen progress towards stopping these abuses and punishing the perpetrators.

Despite ongoing violations of human rights, senior management at some UK universities are still rushing to form partnerships with the Egyptian government to promote the opening of branch campuses in Egypt and collaborations with Egyptian private and state-funded universities.

A series of joint events organised by Amnesty International and UCU will remember Giulio Regeni this year and all victims of forced disappearance and torture in Egypt. Hundreds of events are also taking place in Italy, through Amnesty Italy’s campaign Verita per Giulio in collaboration with his parents. Follow the protests on the #3annisenzaGiulio hashtag.

We will also bring together activists to discuss the next steps on the on-going campaign at a special seminar in Cambridge on 4 Feb, where panel members include Taher Mokhtar, former Egyptian political prisoner and Jo McNeill, president of Liverpool UCU who will speak about the successful campaign led by her branch in protest at plans to open a branch campus for the University of Liverpool in Egypt.