Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 5 now out!

MENA Solidarity Network

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Issue 5 available from March 2017

Print copies £3 each or £20 for 10 (plus postage). Order direct from Bookmarks Bookshop
A pdf version is available to download here Middle East Solidarity Magazine Issue 5 – Web Version

On the cover:

Building the resistance to Trump: US activists speak

Middle East Solidarity talks to campaigners from across the US about the growing movement against the new president


Inside Egypt’s social crisis

Anger and frustration flares into strikes and protests as the Sisi regime imposes subsidy cuts, drastic austerity measures and attacks on workers’ living standards.

Rebellion rocks the Rif

Mehdi Rafiq analyses the state of Morocco’s social movements after a new upsurge of protest engulfs the impoverished North East of the country.

First Person

‘These attacks are war crimes’

The British government has blood on its hands for aiding and abetting the Saudi bombing campaign…

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