Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 2: out now

MENA Solidarity Network

MENA 2 front coverThe new issue of our magazine, Middle East Solidarity, is out now. You can order online or on the phone from Bookmarks Bookshop (click here for details), or look out for us at events and protests. We’ll have copies to buy at the People’s Assembly protest outside Tory Party conference in Manchester on 4 October.

On the cover: Egypt’s military dictator not welcome here Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell back the campaign to stop Sisi’s visit to the UK


LGBT lives in Egypt and Lebanon: surviving moral panics and state homophobia Alice Finden explores the complex and varied nature of campaigns of homophobic repression in Egypt and Lebanon

Global University Inc. Are UK universities are putting lucrative research and teaching contracts before human rights and academic freedoms?

Between two walls: Syrian refugees speak out: Courage and desperation behind the headlines: Nabil and Mohammed make the perilous journey to…

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