Egyptian students declare week of action

Egyptian student groups have announced a week of campaigning against repression on campus. “Black Week for Universities”, from 4 to 8 May, will be marked by protests against violation of rights at universities and by calls on the government to ensure that detained students are able to take their exams on time.

Student bodies including El-Midan Student Group, Revolutionary Front Students, the Revolutionary Socialist Students, and the Student Union of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, have demanded that the government stop “antagonising the people” and respect the right to study.

In a separate initiative, Students Against the Coup, which has supported former President Mohamed Mursi, has also demanded that detained and suspended students should be able to take their exams.

Hundreds of students have been suspended at universities across the country. Last week 76 students were suspended at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. During protests outside student residences two students were killed when police intervened using tear gas and live ammunition.

At Alexandria University police called in by administrators stormed the campus: 10 students were arrested.

Student struggles against military repression will be highlighted at the Egypt Solidarity workshop to be held in London May 24. See Events.