Send a postcard to Sisi’s British backers

We’ve joined forces with Union Solidarity International to organise a postcard campaign targeting Sisi’s British backers. Look out for us at trade union conferences and protests and collect a postcard send a message to the politicians and business leaders who are collaborating with the repressive military regime in Egypt. Click on the postcard image to go to the USi website and send a message online to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond calling on him to end arms sales to Egypt.

Sun, sea, sand … and a bullet in the back?


Philip Hammond,
Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs,
Foreign & Commonwealth Office,
King Charles Street,


Dear Philip Hammond,

In March this year you attended the Economic Development Conference in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh where you met President al-Sisi to discuss “regional security” and Britain’s business interests.

I am writing today to call on you send a different message to al-Sisi and his regime.

On 23 January 2015, 17-year old student Sondos Reda Abu-Bakr was shot dead in Alexandria. Her crime? She was taking part in a protest to mark the anniversary of the 2011 uprising. According to eyewitnesses, she was killed as Egyptian security forces broke up the demonstration.

The following day Shaimaa el-Sabbagh was shot in the back as she walked across Tahrir Square, a wreath of flowers in her hands. Her crime? Joining a ceremony to commemorate the dead of 2011. Human Rights Watch says the security forces were responsible.

It is time to tell Al-Sisi that Britain does not support the shooting of protesters in the streets.It is time to act against a regime which routinely tramples on human rights.

Stop arms sales to Egypt. Now.

Yours sincerely,

Campaign organised by Egypt Solidarity Initiative and MENA Solidarity Network with the support of Union Solidarity International.

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