Freedom for Hisham Fouad and Haitham Mohamedain – statement

Hisham FouadSolidarity with political prisoners in Egypt

We condemn the arrest and detention of Hisham Fouad on 25 June by Egypt’s military regime in a fresh crackdown on its opponents. Hisham is a well-known labour journalist and activist in the Egyptian Journalists’ Union, whose work has consistently focused on mobilising support for the workers’ movement. Along with 8 other people, including former Egyptian Social Democratic Party MP Ziyad al-Alimi, Hisham is accused of taking part in an “economic conspiracy” against the state. This follows the re-arrest of Haitham Mohamedain, who was detained on 13 May without access to a lawyer. Haitham was detained in May 2018 on charges of inciting protests over massive rises in public transport fares and released in October 2018 on bail. He is a labour lawyer who has represented hundreds of workers who have been arrested on picket lines or faced court hearing as a result of victimisation by their bosses. Hisham and Haitham are some of an estimated 50,000 political prisoners who are being held in Egypt’s overcrowded and unsanitary prison system, where abuse is rife. We call for the immediate release of Hisham and Haitham, the withdrawal of any charges against them, and the release of all other political prisoners in Egypt.

Initial signatories include: (for a full list scroll down)
Read more on the background and download resources and a model motion here

Michelle Stanistreet General Secretary, National Union of Journalists (NUJ),  Sian Jones NUJ, President, Mark Serwotka General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and TUC president, Kevin Courtney Joint General Secretary, National Education Union (NEU) Jane Loftus President, Communication Workers Union (CWU) Lesley McCorrigan, UCU National Executive Committee, Elaine White, UCU National Executive Committee; Sandy Nicoll Unison National Executive Committee (pc), Dr Sara Abdelgalil, President, Sudan Doctors’ Union – UK, Ilan Pappé Author of On Palestine Nur Masalha Author of Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History

Names will be published online and sent to the Egyptian Embassy in the UK. If you leave your details we will contact you with updates about this campaign and other similiar campaigns organised by Egypt Solidarity Initiative and MENA Solidarity Network.

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Please note names will not appear automatically. The names below are a subset of signatures that have already been collected.

First name Surname Union Position
Peta Bulmer UCU Anti-Causalisation Officer
Michael Holland NEU Lambeth Assistant Branch Secretary
Fran Poslethwaite NEU Barnsley Assistant Branch Secretary
Nur Masalha Author
Ilan Pappé Author
Mick Fitzpatrick Unite Community Huddersfield Branch Chair
Mike Orr UCU University of Edinburgh Branch officer
Tony Phillips UNISON London Fire Authority Branch Secretary
Helen Mayall UCU Manchester Metropolitan Uni Convenor
Mark Serwotka PCS General Secretary
David Hardman TSSA RSSB Health and Safety Rep
Phil Rowan RMT Finsbury Park International Officer
Kevin Courtney NEU Joint General Secretary
Mark Dunk Unite London & Eastern Disabled Members Committee
Caroline Johnson UNISON National Executive Committee (pc)
Karen Reissmann UNISON National Executive Committee (pc)
Candy Udwin PCS National Executive Committee
Elaine White UCU National Executive Committee
Sandy Nicoll UNISON SOAS National Executive Committee / Branch Secretary
Jane Loftus CWU President
Francesca Manning NEU Wandsworth President
Mark Ingram UNISON Rep
Patrick Carmody Unite Services National Industrial Sector Committee
Martin Bainger UNISON Shop Steward
Matthew Hampson UNISON Shop Steward
Tim O’Dell UNISON Lambeth Shop Steward
Bea Kay GMB Steward
Fatema Abuidrees
Adlan Adem
David Aicken PCS
Roba al-Ghabra
Mich Allchi
Sheila Amrouche NEU
Nile Asim BMA
Aymen Asim BMA
Lee Billingham UNISON
Blythe Brentnall
Mary Brodbin NUJ
Geoff Brown UCU
Ruth Brown
Violetta Buono
Phil Butland
Pamela Carr
Raj Chamba Unite
Nick Clark
Mary Code
Sarah Cox NEU
Peter Coxhead
Robert Crick UCU
Jane Cunliffe BFAWU
Jenny Davis NEU
Ismay Davis
Hazel Duffy BFAWU
Juliette Duffy
Rob Ferguson NEU
Penny Foskett UCU
Carl Francis
Dave Fysh
Mike Greenhalgh NEU
Steve Guy Unite
Laila Hasan USDAW
Siobhan Hawthorne UNISON
Liz Heaton
Kristina Hedges Prospect
John Houston NUJ
Camilla James
Gareth Jenkins UCU
Annie Jones UCU
June Jones UNISON
Martin Jones NEU
Sibel Celine Karla
Chris Kelly NEU Lambeth
Florian Klein
David Laing EIS
Bryan Lassey
Annette Kay Lassey
Gary Lewis
Fay Lockett NEU
Dave Lyddon UCU
Waldemar Maxim
Maggie McGinley EIS
Sheila McGregor NEU
Laura Miles UCU
Sarah Miller
Ray Morris Unite
Julie Mukherjee NEU
Ameen Nemer
Fergus Nicol UCU
Jim Nicoll
Tanya Nuttall
Tony Nuttall Unite
Selma Oumeni CGT (France)
Barry Pavier UCU
Dick Pitt UCU
Janneke Prins FNV (Netherlands)
Huw Pudner NEU
Cheryl Pugh NEU
Peter Robinson Unite
Steve Robinson
Sabby Sagall NUJ
Hussein Said
Moyra Samuels NEU
Tim Sanders UNISON
S. Emre Sarica
Mehmut Sefi
Sandra Shepherd
Nigel Singh Unite
John Sinha Unite
Jerome Small CFMMEU (Australia)
Margaret Smith Unite Community
Jack Stevens
Sam Studwick UNISON
Scott Sutherland Unite
Will Taylor
Roberta Uchoa ADUFEPE
Julie Webster PCS
Jeremy Weinstein
Sandrina Wenn
Salena Williams UCU
Paul Wimpeney
Jake Yeates
Andrzej Zebrowski
David Nicholson NUJ National Executive Committee
John Matthews NUJ National Executive Committee
Anton McCabe NUJ National Executive Committee
Richard Palmer NUJ National Executive Committee
Natasha Hirst NUJ National Executive Committee
Michael Ficher NUJ National Executive Committee
Laura Downes NUJ National Executive Committee
Chris Frost NUJ National Executive Committee
John Barsby NUJ National Executive Committee
Pierre Vicary NUJ Vice President
Sian Jones NUJ President
Michelle Stanistreet NUJ General Secretary
Seamus Dooley NUJ Assistant General Secretary
Christina Zaba NUJ National Executive Committee
Liz Else NUJ National Executive Committee
Alan Gibson NUJ National Executive Committee
Diana Peesey NUJ National Executive Committee
Mark Pinder NUJ National Executive Committee
Gerry Curran NUJ National Executive Committee
Layla Roxanne Hill NUJ National Executive Committee
Adam Christie NUJ National Executive Committee
Tim Evans
Nicola Field NUJ
Rhoda Thomas UCU
Claire Foot
Noreen O’Driscoll
Jonathon Bellini
Talat Ahmed UCU
Christian Hogsbjerg UCU University of Brighton Branch officer
Yesong Lee
Nikos Lountos
Sarah Chamberlain Unite
John Connon UNISON Shop Steward
Ewout Van Der Berg FNV (Netherlands)
Lesley McGorrigan UCU National Executive Committee
George Arthur NEU
Wafa Hussein UNISON
Jung Sun Youug Workers Solidarity (South Korea)
Moon Seong Kim Workers Solidarity (South Korea)
Hye-shin Park Workers Solidarity (South Korea)
Irang Bak
Raph Pigott Colchester TUC Secretary
Gael Braibant Solidaires (France)
Gabriel Cardoen
Elizabeth Perry UCU
Phil Marfleet UCU
Lene Junker
Kevin Wingfield
Ruby Hirsch Unite
Hamish Haynes Unite
Liz Beck
Antony Walsh
Jay Blackwood Unite
Mike Waterman
John Breedon Unite
Sara Abdelgalil Sudan Doctors Union UK President
Gabrielle Thorpe NUJ
Richard Lederer
Sarah Robertson Unite
Assim Barghout
David Karvala
Michael Arter CWU
Steve Norreys
Dominic Lucey
Alan Bell
Antonio Angelino
Phil Mellows NUJ Brighton Branch officer
Turan Basri
Richard Payne
Alia Karim CUPE (Canada)
Kevin Brice-Hall United Steelworkers (North America)
Nick Clark UCU
Chris Price UNISON
Mike Todd UCU
Michelle Robidoux United Steelworkers (North America)
Fayrouz Kraish Unite
Hala Elamin
Nick Caitlin NEU
Donny Gluckstein EIS
Regine Pilling UCU Branch Secretary
Ken Olende Unite
Mani Tanoh
Ron Marguiles
David Paenson Ver.di (Germany)
Fidaa Nehmud UNISON
Tony Deady NEU
Pete Wearden UCU
Martin Jones NEU
Russell Whincup RMT
Tara van Dijk
Adam Rose NUS
Frank Renken Ver.di (Germany)
Mary Reape