COP27 toolkit and resources

Egyptian activists are calling on YOU to join the protests for climate justice on 12 November

Energy companies and governments are fuelling climate chaos by burning more fossil fuels despite floods and droughts wrecking tens of millions of lives as global temperatures rise. The countries of the Global South are hardest hit, but even here in Britain we are feeling the heat from climate change with record heat waves reaching over 40C this summer. 

Meanwhile, spiralling bills are pushing millions into poverty. Strikes, protests and campaigns over the cost-of-living are growing, pushing back against the politicians and energy bosses who want to make ordinary people pay the price for their crisis. 

But in many countries across the Global South, brutal regimes ban protests and strikes, and lock up those who dare challenge big businesses or the state. The Egyptian government, host of the annual UN COP climate talks this year has detained tens of thousands of people for simply expressing their opinions, joining opposition groups or attempting to organise protests and strikes. The regime has also created fake pro-government ‘climate campaigns’ which are designed to hide its real record of support for fossil fuel extraction in the Mediterranean and its alliance with Western governments and global energy companies. 

Egypt’s military dictatorship is strongly supported by Western governments through arms deals, diplomatic backing and trade relations. 

That’s why Egyptian activists are calling on trade unionists and climate justice activists outside Egypt to take to the streets on 12 November as part of a day of action around the COP27 talks. 

What you can do: